On April 29, I will be giving a presentation on the amazing musical career of Juanito Márquez at The Green Library of FIU, Modesto Maidique Campus.

Rafael Mieses wrote a fantastic review for Ochosi Blues in Músicas del mundo!

On April 10, Benjamin Lapidus will be playing with Hipólito Jean and Edgar Molina as part of the Fiesta Sunset Jazz Series at the Fiesta Sunset Hotel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Music writer Oliver Arditi wrote a fantastic review of Ochosi Blues, saying “Lapidus is an electrifying and tasteful guitarist and tresero, with master accompanists, and a clear artistic vision, which is realised on Ochosi Blues with rare coherence and a compelling, earthy power.” Click on his name to read the full review.

Nelson Rodríguez gave an enthusiastic review of Ochosi Blues for Herencia Latina, writing: “There is nothing better than concept recordings and guitarist Benjamin Lapidus (Sonido Isleño) & Kari-B3 in their salute to the Hammond B3 Organ and Ben’s love for the instrument.” Click the link for the full review.

Ochosi Blues made it to the year-end list for WPKN
as well as the Jazz Journalist Association (JJA)

I am very proud to let you know that Ochosi Blues is eligible to be nominated in 6 different categories for the 57th Grammy® Awards. If you are a voting member of NARAS, it is easy to determine which fields the record is in by entering my name or the album name into the find area of each field. Thank you for your consideration and best of luck to all of our members during this part of the awards cycle.
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Great interviews on WFDU with Vicki Solá 10/25, 10/19 with David Sharpe on Global Notes, and 10/18 with Felipe Palacios and Henry Mena on WUSB!

Jazz Weekly’s George W. Harris wrote that Ochosi Blues “is a wonderful kaleidoscope of sounds and visions.” Click here to read the full review.

Colombian Salsa DJ, El Chino has posted a fantastic review of Ochosi Blues on his site Solar Latin Club.
To read the full review in Spanish, click here.