Herencia Judía Press

“Critics’ Pick Top Ten Albums of 2008.” Luis Tamargo, Vicki Solá – Latin Beat

“For Benjamin Lapidus, mixing his Jewish heritage and the Latino culture he has grown to love was always natural…. After all these years, the 35-year-old tres virtuoso has finally succeeded in combining the cultures on one record. His new album, “Herencia Judía,”… is a thoughtful, passionate attempt at combining Jewish liturgical songs with traditional music from Cuba and Puerto Rico.” — Ed Morales, Newsday

“Pick of the Month. Noted as one of the most distinguished string players of his generation, Ben Lapidus has been recognized for his inspiring artistry, artistic diversity and charismatic way of making music… this celebration of pure musical joy…” — Rudy Mangual, Latin Beat

“A soaring achievement…Lapidus has done what all arrangers and composers should do in approaching the spirit and text of Jewish liturgy. Calling on ethnic heritage and his own feelings about message and musicality, he has both remained true to tradition and pushed the envelope of Jewish prayer. The luminous result is the soulful ‘Herencia Judía.’” — Jules Becker, The Jewish Advocate

“This is a bold, original and likely pioneering combination of cultures, an outstanding effort.” — Michael G. Nastos,

“Never once does any of this sound (or feel) anything other than natural and organic.” — Jim Traeger, North County Times

“A serious and most ambitious effort.” — Michael P. Gladstone,

“The music on Herencia Judia is both new and good.” — George Robinson, The Jewish Week

“Herencia Judia es un paseo por la liturgia judía con todo el rigor de la música tradicional afrocaribeña.” — Rafael Mieses, El Sol de la Florida

“Este disco tiene a Lapidus mirándose a sí mismo; reinventándose al mostrarse completo, tal cual es. La herencia es una mirada al presente y al futuro con la fuerza del pasado. Por eso, al final del álbum, la sensación es inequívoca: esto, señores, apenas comienza.” — Manuel Antonio Dueñas Peluffo, Circulado