I am thrilled for my brother, Andy González whose CD, “Entre Colegas” was just nominated for a Grammy award in the category of Best Latin Jazz Album. I am honored to have written the liner notes, one composition, and to have performed on half of the record. Fingers crossed for Andy! Here is a nice review of the CD in The NY Times.
And Latin Jazz Net. As well as some great videos of the sessions, here and here. Lastly, here’s a great clip from our concert at Jazz at Lincoln Center back in September 2016.

I was honored to receive the Chico O’Farrill Lifetime Achievement Award from Latinjazz USA at Aaron Davis Hall on November 18, 2016.
Here is a review of the concert and award ceremony from Downbeat Magazine.

I am very excited and honored to participate with Bobby Sanabria, Xiomara Laugart, Amaury Acosta, David Oquendo, and many other musicians in a tribute concert to Candido Camero on November 18 at Aaron Davis Hall. I am also humbled to receive a lifetime achievement award from Latin Jazz USA. Please follow this link for tickets to what will no doubt be a memorable and historic evening.



Here are two new videos from a great gig with Paul Carlon, Alex Ayala, and Chembo Corniel:

Tocoloro and Chelsea Bridge/Tumba Palo Cucuyé

I am excited to share the news of my recent publication, “Chinita Linda: Portrayals of Chinese and Asian Identity and Culture by Chinese and Non-Chinese in Spanish Caribbean Dance Music,” in Chinese America: History & Perspectives 2015

I am truly honored to have participated in Andy González’s new CD, Entre Colegas. The CD features a who’s who of great musicians. I played guitar, tres, sang coro (background vocals), and wrote the liner notes for the CD. You can hear the music and see a behind-the-scenes promotional video here.

I am very excited to share the news that the book, Mazal Tov, Amigos!: Jews and Popular Music (edited by Amalia Ran and Moshe Morad) has been published by Brill.
You can see my article “¡Toca maravilloso! Larry Harlow and the Jewish Connection to Latin music” here: 9789004184473_08-Lapidus-2.

Please look around for latest info on performances, press, and recordings.

On April 29, I gave a presentation on Juanito Márquez’s musical career as part of the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University. Here is a Juanito Márquez to watch the presentation.

On May 15, 2015, “El Show de Jacky” profiled Papasito Restaurant. The trio featuring myself, Wilmer Vega, and Jennifer Vincent can be seen at the 2:55 marking of this video clip.